Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Sedona Trip

Scott and I took our first overnight trip alone to Sedona this past week. It was so hard to leave Jakey, but we knew he was in good hands with Grandpa Brent and Grandma Debbie.
We stopped in at the Montezuma Castle and toured the "mansions" that were built out of the cliff.

This was our view as we were driving into Sedona. It was so pretty and so much nicer than Phoenix!!!

These are a few pics of the condo we stayed in. It was absolutely beautiful!!!
This is the view from our front door.
The wall between the bedroom and bathroom slid open, so you can sit in the tub and watch the flat screen TV while you relax.

My dream kitchen:)

On our way home, we stopped in at a Catholic Chapel that was built on top of the rock. The views around it were so beautiful, as you can see in the pic that Scott and I took together.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Time

The cold weather is finalllllly here!!! So I thought I would share a few cute pics of Jake in his new winter clothes at the park.

Havin fun with uncle Matt on the butterfly:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jake's First Halloween

Auntie Stephie and Uncle Matt with Spidey Man Okay so this was his mask that goes with his costume, but he wasn't havin it and this was as good as the pic gets, before it got ripped off his face.
Mommy's turn to take Spidey Man Tricker Treating...This is the one and only spider I will ever love:)

Spidey man taking the bad guy to jail...

Together as a family (our faces are hilarious, but the flash was really bright!!!)

Jakey cruising along...
Spidey Man's first stop for candy...
Aunt Rachie got Jakey his Halloween bib that says "Guess who's 1st Halloween?!" (It's just a little too small for our big boy) and Mommy got him his Halloween shirt that says "I love my Mummy" and it glows in the dark:) The Incredible Hulk (Uncle Brent) stopped by to scare Jakey...I think it worked

Pumpkin Carving Time

Daddy and Jakey carving the pumpkin. Jake wanted nothing to do with the "guts" of the pumpkin.

Jakey and his pumpkin