Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jake's 1st Easter

Jake with the Easter bunny that great grandma Blanch sent him

Uncle Ben and Uncle Josh made Jake an Easter egg with his name on it

Our family picture

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can we say Tax Deduction!!!! This is what we dressed Jakey in when Scott and I went to get our taxes done:)
So here is a picture of his little pouty face that he makes when he's not happy.

I have many nicknames for Jakey, one being my little monster baby and I found this bib and matching onesie that says "mommy's little monster baby"!!! It was perfect, I just love it:)

Jake already taking after his dad:)

Jake playing in his big boy bouncer. He's not quite ready for it, but he does look cute in it:)

After one of many baths!!
Mommy and daddy's valentine present!!!

Jake with most of his great grandparents

Jake with his great, great grandma June, right before she went to be with the Lord.

Here is our future basketball star

Look at him sleeping so peacefully

Our family Christmas picture
All dressed up for Santa to come and visit

After a hard days work of delivering presents to good little girls and boys

Jakey dressed up as Santa

During and after Jake's first bath!!

Scott giving me a kiss for good luck:)

Look how cute he is!!!

Our little cone head:)

Jakey weighing in at 7lbs, 13 ounces

Mommies first time holding Jakey!!!

Daddy getting to hold Jake for the very first time!!!

Ahhh, daddy feeding his little man!!!

The Nasty PUPPPS Rash!!!

Okay, these pictures are a sight for sore eyes!!! The last 2 weeks before I was induced, I got a pregnancy rash called PUPPPS. It is a rash that 1% of pregnant mommies potentially get because they are allergic to all the different changes going on in their body. So mine started out on my belly and after a few days, it rapidly spread all over my hands, arms and legs. I went to the labor and delivery ER on a Friday night, because I wanted them to induce me so the rash would go away. They couldn't because they were too busy with other mommies going into labor. So after yet another night of not sleeping and itching the crap out of my skin, I went back in hysterics, begging them to induce, and again they couldn't because this time they were short staffed. So finally December 10, 2007 at 3:45am, we get the call that they finally have a bed for me and can finally induce me and I am crying, because I am so HAPPY!!! Let me tell was not fun!!!

Okay, so the next two pics are the PUPPPS rash that had just started to spread up from my feet to my thighs and my hands to just about my shoulders.

So this is my leg (it's kind of hard to tell) and this is the rash at it's worse. My skin is just fried from all the itching and caladryl.

Here is where I was about to pop (if you couldn't tell) and I was so miserable and uncomfortable, and I just wanted him out.

HOLY MOLY!!! Look at that belllllly!!!

So I think I was about 7 1/2 months here and getting bigger!!

Such a cute belly!!! If we only knew what was yet to come.

This is in August sometime when I think I was about 5 months pregnant and looking good:)

Where it all began

April 11, 2007 is when I woke up to go to work and I felt a little different, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. As we all know, it came out positive, so I woke Scott up to tell him and we decided to take 2 more later that day, just to be sure.