Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Tag

My 6th file-6th picture was of my very good friend Rachelle and I this October when her and Greggie came to visit. I got a babysitter and got to go have some fun out on the town. Unfortunately Scott had to work, so he could not make the festivities:(

1. Go to: my documents/my pictures or its equivalent
2. Go to your 6th file
3. Go to your 6th picture
4. Blog about it
5. Tag 6 people. (I can hardly stand the suspense!)

I hereby tag Penny Legge, Greg/Jillair Robinson, Chanel Gaines, Danielle Johnson and Danielle Steinmeyer:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playing Around

Jakey wearing mommy's grade school glasses. He seriously loves putting on anyone's glasses or sunglasses, but his little pug nose doesn't have a bridge yet so they don't stay up.

Spaghetti Dinner Anyone?

Jakey makin a mess and having fun eating spaghetti dinner.

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day we met the other half of the Robinson family living in AZ for brunch at Applebee's, before Scott had to go to work. Great Grandma Blanch is finally down to visit and see Jake for the very first time.

Look Who's Talking...

Can anyone speak jibber jabber? Jake was going on and on about something, but I sure couldn't understand him. I can't wait for him to start talking, he's got quite a personality already.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trying to Redecorate

Okay so I'm really not to good on the computer. I can type, get on the internet and uploads pics and that's about it. So I decided I wanted to deck our blog out for the holidays and this is what I got. Not too sure where my lists of friends and family blogs went, so if anyone out there is reading this and can help me out I would be very thankful:) Oh and Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Tired Boy

Jake and I had just left the mall/playground where he played really hard and he was so tired that he fell asleep and his arms fell down, but his bottle stayed in his mouth.

Shoe Time

Jake has started to put our shoes on. It is the cutest thing cause they are ridiculously huge on him and he can barely walk, but he loves doing it.

I love this picture of Jake, he seriously looks so grown up and so independent!!!

Jakey at the Park

The weather has been so up and down lately in Phoenix, as you can see one day Jake is wearing shorts and a shirt to the park and the next day he is wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt. Jake has decided that it's cool to wear hats and glasses now too and I must say he does look quite handsome in them.