Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleepy Time

So this is an old picture of Jake sleeping in his porta-crib in our room, but I thought I would post it to go with my sleeping story. So Jake is 13 1/2 months old and he sleeps up in his "big boy" room all night long!!! Yes you heard me right...he is finally sleeping through the night. Thank the LORD!!! I usually put Jake to bed about 10pm and he sleeps till 9 or 10am. The he goes back down for a nap about four hours later and usually sleeps 2 to 3 hours. I am so amazed at how well he is finally sleeping. It has been a long tiring process, but we have finally made it. Can anybody say...another baby??? J/K!!! We are so not ready yet, Jake has thrown us through the ringer and we need time to recooperate:) Love ya Jakey!!!

Bribing Time

Whomever said that bribing a child is wrong, must not have kids. We went to dinner the other night and the waitress handed Jake a sucker and he sat there the whole time we ate, just sucking on his sucker. Now I know what to give him everytime we go out somewhere:)

Boy or Girl???

Jake is so smart, I was wearing a head band the other day and Jake took it off and put it on his head. I was this is what it would be like if I had a girl huh??? It just surprised me because Jake is all boy!!! He is rough, tough and dirty and then to see him put a head band on his head made me laugh, so I thought I would share.

Bad Boo Boo

Jake has had plenty of boo boo's since he started crawling, but this one was the worse yet. He tripped over his truck and fell and hit his face on it. He got a fat bloody lip and a nice little bruised chin, and since he won't let me ice it, I let him suck on my palm tree ice cube.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jake's 1st Birthday Party...AGAIN

Sorry for the lack of postings, but we've had a busy month and a half. So I thought I would post everything that we've done, hope you enjoy...

We had another birthday party for Jake in California, so all our friends and family out there could come and celebrate our baby's birthday.
Auntie Danielle and Ryan were so gracious and let us throw his birthday party at their house!!!

Grandpa Bill drove out from Phoenix to come to Jakey's party.
Jakey's Birthday Cake...

Jakey's Cake...

Great Grandpa Steve with two of his great grandsons...

This is a once in a lifetime event before he rips it all off of him:)

Jakey being cute and eating his cake...

Great Grandma Marion and Great Grandpa Steve with Jakey...

This was right before Christian, Katie and Dylan were leaving and we were trying to convince them to take Jake, so they could see what it's like with two babies since Christian is ready for another one.

Awards Ceremony

Scott had an awards ceremony for Detention Officer of the quarter and this is his first quarter even being there. We are so excited for him and his accomplishments!!!

Happy New Years

For New Year's Eve we went to Fridays and got half off appetizers and we all stuffed ourselves till midnight and Scott was the ladies man that night:)

Us girls waiting to get a table...

Wedding Time...AGAIN

So for obvious reasons this was our last wedding of the year, making that four weddings that we've attended in 08' (all of them were in Cali). I have decided that until Jake gets a little older and will obey and sit still for a total of two minutes, we will be getting a babysitter for any other weddings that we attend next year. My best friend Cherise...

The Fam...

Jake in his first limo ride. He didn't scream once and so I told Scott that we need to buy a limo, so Jake can ride around in it and not have to get in his car seat.

The groom, the best man and the groomsmen looking so handsome:)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Uncle Matt and Aunt Stephie got Jake a better bike than the one from his birthday party and since he won't remember or care we decided to give it to him Christmas morning. He was in love with it and can't wait to ride it without the help of mom and dad.

I bought Jake a shirt that says "Dear Santa, I really tried this year...Honest" and he got to wear it on Christmas Eve.

Here Jake is just being cute as ever...