Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jake + Water = Fun

With temps reaching high 90's last week, we decided to take Jake to the outside mall where they have a little water feature for the kids. Jake had such a blast and met some friends too!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bath Time

Jakey just loves his baths!!! He has learned how to blow bubbles in the water and float on his back with a little assistance from daddy, and his new ritual after the bath is to dance like a rock star!!! (see video below)

This child loves music!!! Anytime music comes on he will start dancing. We have drums and a guitar for the game "rock band" and he rocks out on both all day long:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 09'

I'm a little behind in posting Easter pics, but we didn't get to celebrate our extended family Easter get together till Tuesday because Scott had to work and then I had to post Scott's birthday, so I decided to wait till after that. So here goes...
Jakey in his Easter outfit (Don't look at his shorts, I forgot to iron

Daddy and Jakey diggin in to his Easter basket (daddy looks a little sleepy)

Jakey hunting for Easter eggs

Jakey giving the Easter bunny a drink from his sippy cup

Then came Tuesday and the games begin...

Matt and Steph's concoction for the egg drop

Ben and Josh's concoction

Uncle Matt and Jake got a little tired during the festivities

Scott dropping or should I say throwing our concoction (let's just say we were out the game after that throw)

The egg roll

Grandpa and Grandma won the egg drop

Then Grandma Debbie was the lucky winner of our new game "Egg Roulette"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

California Trip

What a whirlwind weekend we had. First stop was my cousin Aubrey's 18th b-day party on Saturday (and for some reason I have no pics of the party). Then Sunday morning we had Jake dedicated at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. He was such a good boy, I was quite shocked because the seperation anxiety is setting in fast!!! Then Sunday night we got to meet little Andrew for the first time at Greg and Jillair's house (as you can see he's not so little:)
Then Monday we hung out with some friends till the evening and then we drove down to Palos Verdes to spend the night with the grandparents, so I could get my hair done Tuesday morning while Scott, grandpa Steve and Jakey went to the beach.

Then unfortunately that afternoon we had to head home, but thankfully we reached our destination safely. Thanks everyone for a fun whirlwind weekend!!! We miss you guys and can't wait to see everyone again soon:)