Friday, May 13, 2011

Starting Veggies

I started veggies in hopes that Leah would sleep better...hasn't happened yet:(

But they are a hit! She loves them:)

My Babies!

Love that little gummy smile!

Jakey loving on his baby sister! They absolutely adore each other, so thankful for that:)

My Mother's Day picture with my babies!

California Caverns

Jake, Leah and I trekking through the caverns

Our cute little family, except Leah's little face. She was sleeping in the front pack:)

My boys

Jakey loving every minute of it!

The entrance to the cave was really small and my claustrophobia started to set in and I almost didn't go!

Scott's Graduation

Jake and daddy with the police dog

Jake gettin the "bad guy"!

Jake and daddy shootin "pepper spray"

Jake trying out daddy's baton on the "bad guy"

Our family one is looking except me:)

Daddy with his kiddos

Jake got to put daddy's badge on!

Thankfully Leah Bear slept the entire ceremony!

A bit blurry, but Scott walking in!