Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jake's 12 Month Dr. Visit

Jake had his 12 month wellness check up on the 17th and the dr. was very pleased!!! He weighed in at 23lbs and 13ounces, which puts him in the 75% and he was 31 1/2 inches tall, which puts him in the 90% for his age. Then the dreaded shots came which I always hate, but he recovered from them and they gave Jake his very first bandaid.

Christmas time at the Robinsons

Scott and I took Jake to have his picture taken with Santa and I thought he would screammmm!!! But he was such a good boy and didn't even cry at all and we even got a smile out of him:)
Our Christmas Tree...
The stocking were hung...

Scott put up the Christmas lights and as you can see he didn't check to make sure they were all working:) But the house still looks great!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Baby's 1st Birthday

December 10, 2007...The day our lives changed forever. We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy!!! We just celebrated Jakey's 1st birthday and we cannot believe how fast time has flown by. The saying goes..."cherish every minute because it doesn't last long" and boy were they right. It was just a year ago he was only 7lbs 13ounces and so fragile. Now he is over 20lbs and is walking, running, talking, etc. Jake has been such a blessing to Scott and I and we just love every minute with him. Even though he is consider a toddler now, he will always be my baby!!!

I decided to post a few newborn pics for everyone to see how much he has changed!!!

On Jake's birthday we took him to a little gymboree, he just loved it.

Playing in the balls...

Crawling through the tunnel

We finally got to turn his carseat around so he can face us and see out the front window!!! We did a lot of driving that day and he didn't even cry once!!!

We took Jake for his first haircut and here are pics of the finished product!!!

He was such a good boy!!! But he finally lost it right at the end.

I found this haircutting place on the internet, that specializes in baby haircuts. The name of it is "Mini Cuts" and it was the cutest little place. They had little cars to sit in and TVs right in front of the cars to distract them. For the older kids they can play video games while getting their haircut (not sure how safe that is, but whatever works right:)

I bought Jake a onesie that said "Happy 1st Birthday to me" He looked so adorable!!!

Then later that night we had a little party for him and Uncle Matt and Aunt Stephie bought him his first bike. He absolutely loved it!!!

Jake unwrapping his gifts with a little help from the neighbor's daughter. Notice he can't put his baba down:)
Jake riding his new bike...

Jake's very own birthday cake...
The "big" birthday cake for everyone else to eat:)

Jakey being a very good boy and eating his cake very politely:)

Even in the end, he still didn't get that messy!!! I was a little disappointed:)

We had such a fun day and we can't wait for his "big" party in Cali, with the rest of our family and friends!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jake's 1st Thanksgiving

Every year for Thanksgiving Scott's family does the annual Torrance Turkey Trot. Last year we weren't able to go because I was fat and preggers and wasn't able to travel and this year Scott had to work, so I decided to drive to Cali anyway and join in on the festivities with the rest of the family.

This is Jake getting a ride from daddy on my suitcase:)

Jake wasn't tired from the Turkey Trot so he decided to take Lexie (grandma's dog) on a walk.

Mommy and Jakey walking the Turkey Trot.

Doesn't he clean up nicely!!!

I bought a bib for Jake's 1st Thanksgiving:)