Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jake's First Beach Trip

So the month of July was pretty busy for us, seeing as we had three weddings in California. Don't get me wrong I love being in California, but traveling 3 times in one month with a little baby can be exhausting. So our last wedding was in San Juan Capistrano and we got a hotel on the water in Laguna Beach. It was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a perfect ending to our California trips. Jake got to experience the ocean and sand for the first time and just like his mommy he hated it:) But the next day daddy took him to it again and he warmed up to it, I guess loud crashing waves and rough little rocks between your toes for the first time can be a bit scary for a 7 month old.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congratulations Daddy!!!

June 2, 2008 Scott started the academy for the Maricopa County Detention Officers. It was 9 grooling weeks of report writing, yelling, running, push ups, pepper spray and beatings. He graduated on July 24, 2008 and the 2nd photo is Scott receiving his badge from Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

My two favorite boys!!! Of course it had to be 113 degrees that day (don't worry the ceremony was inside) so they were really hot...notice Jake's red chubby cheeks.

Grandpa Steve was the lucky one who got to pin Scott's badge on him


So bare with me as I fight back tears...Jake just turned 8 months on August 10th and I started thinking about how fast time has flown. It has been such a challenging, tiring, fun and exciting time and I decided to go through pictures to remember how little he used to be and I found the pictures below, so I thought I would share. The first picture is Jake about a month and a half old and as you can tell he looks so small in his bouncer. The next two pics are of Jake recently and as you can tell he barely fits in his bouncer and now that he's crawling (videos to come) he climbs in and out of it.

This first picture is of Jake in his swing on the second day we brought him home. He is also so tiny in it and the picture below it as you can tell he no longer fits in it and we probably shouldn't put him in it anymore cause it's a safety hazard and it no longer swings, it just makes noises like the little engine that could:)

Okay so I've dried my eyes and I hope you have too!!! We love this little guy and can't wait for many more memories with him:)