Monday, February 22, 2010

We're Still Alive...

To say I'm behind on our blog would be an understatement, I've got pictures from before Christmas!!! So stick with me as I try to catch up:)

First I would like to congratulate my good friend Kari and her husband Michael on the birth of their beautiful daughter MaKayla!!!

Then we were off to Matt's graduation from ASU!!! Congrats Matt and Steph:)

Jakey learning to surf in the bathtub, thanks to Aunt Nene and Uncle Matt:)

Jakey reading his new book "Cars". He absolutely loves that movie now:)

Then came Christmas favorite!!!

Jake got a power wheel thanks to my parents Nonnie and Papa. He's a little young for it, so he just drives it in circles in the backyard:)

On Christmas Eve Jake and I baked cookies for Santa, while daddy had to work:(

This was Jake's sheet of cookies:)

Christmas Eve at Ma and Pa's house

Getting ready to pray:)

Out in AZ they turn the zoo into Zoo Lights. We took Jake to see all the cool lights!!!

Jake trying to play with the older kids...I swear this kid is trying to grow up too fast!!!

Daddy and Jakey trying to touch the sting rays

and we made it through!!! Tune in later to check out what has kept us busy lately:)