Friday, March 13, 2009

15 Month Wellness Visit

As you can see by the pics, Jakey has officially realized that the dr.'s office is not a fun place!!! As soon as we walked in the room he started shaking his head no. Then I started to get him undressed so the nurse could do her thing and he started balling. Scott had to hold him down and I had to hold his legs still just so she could measure him. Then is was time to weigh him and he didn't like that either. Then the dr. came in and he was fine for a bit because he got to be "cool" and wear daddy's sunglasses.

So after this fun dr. visit and many more to come, the final results were Jakey weighing in at 25lbs 13oun (70%) and is 32 inches long (75%). Such a big healthy 15 month old boy!!!

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Irenicus said...

With the right kind of diet you can grow the child into a giant that will rule the world! Wouldn't you like a child that rules? They say that the one who rules the world is the one who rocks the cradle...