Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Big Day...

December 10, 2009, our little boy is no longer a baby, but a toddler. I think I only cried about five times today (J/K). So we took him for his annual birthday cut. He sat in the big boy chair the whole time!!! Man he is getting so big:)
He even helped the lady style his hair:)

Jakey posing in front of the tree with his new santa sippy and reindeer ears

and opening some more presents...

Then showing off his big boy undies...don't congratulate me yet, he's still not potty trained. I am just ready to try full force now that he's a big boy:)

This child loves umbrellas, so I bought him his own to break instead of mine:)

Then we threw him a birthday party tonight at Chuck E. Cheese's. He had a blast!!!!

Shootin hoops with daddy...look at that form:)

Driving one of many cars that night:)

Chuck E. singing Jakey Happy Birthday...

Then Jake got crowned the Birthday Boy!!!

Then Chuck E. came by to say hi and Jake didn't like him too much:)

Just makin sure that scary mouse was gone:)

The birthday cake

Jakey blowing out his birthday candles...

Then Jakey needed some help, so his buddy Alex helped him out with blowing the candles out.

Then our goofy family picture. I'm so good at taking lots of pics of Jake, but bad at making sure we as a family take some. So this was the one and only one we took, too funny:)

Piggin out on his cake:)

The whole gang that celebrated our baby's birthday with us!!!

and last but not least a picture with his girlfriend Gabby:)